If you are interested in booking Amy Taylor for your event or would like to have a Tea Leaf Reading in your home or business, please contact Amy at info@taotat.ca for more information on Rates and Availability.

My sincere appreciation for your help with the educational component of the tea festival. Many visitors come and really know very little about tea and because of the fabulous topics that were presented, everyone went home knowing much more. One of the volunteers was so thrilled to learn how tea can be used in so many different ways other than drinking it. It is that enthusiasm that makes all the work with it.
Your support leading up to the festival and during the two days has been incredible. As the coordinator, it is important to have people in your corner that you can throw ideas off and ask for help.

Thanks so much for your presentations and your- on- going support.

Nancy Lee-Colibaba
Program Coordinator
Royal Botanical Gardens

Amy I just wanted to thank you so much for our experience yesterday. All three of us felt a little lighter about what each of us are going through. I’m so happy that something about your (kijiji)ad truly connected with me. I have a difficult time opening up to people and I discussed more of my deeper feelings with you than I have with people I’ve known forever. My experience left my soul feeling a little lighter, knowing I’m going in the right direction.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that I am going to take your words of advice and guidance seriously. I have a lot of work ahead but I know I can do it. Thank you for keeping it real and telling me what I needed to hear.

Hope you got to enjoy your backyard a little today!

~ CS

Hi Amy

Thank YOU- we all had a wonderful time. Everyone’s been telling me how spot-on their readings were, we’re all in awe of your gift.
I’m sorry things weren’t quite as organized as we might have hoped, but I hope you had fun with our quirky group.


A Branston

Hi Amy:

Not sure if you will remember me, I came to a reading with 2 friends for my birthday. It was back in March I think. I know my reading was a while ago, but I wanted to say thank you again for everything you told me. I now have a plan to move ahead with my photography. I took a class and learned how to chalk paint. So I am trying to move forward. I decided after seeing you that I needed to find some motivation.
Once again thanks for helping.


Just wanted thank you for helping me cope through the biggest challenge of my life.

The first thing you told me in my reading was an issue I would have and you pointed to my lower neck. Since I felt quite healthy at the time I figured you were talking about my father in law who at the time was experiencing heart problems. You were a bit skeptical with my answer but continued that it would be a big ordeal, a huge fire as you put it, but in the end everything would be ok and I would be fine. ( still trying to convince me it was about me)

Well last month I found out I had very high blood pressure so I went to my doctor. After a blood test showed higher than normal calcium levels I have endured many tests and xrays. Possible causes could be cancer or my parathyroid gland, which is at the base of the neck. So far all tests have been negative for cancer. But the stress of worrying while these tests go on is the fact you tried to tell me about the issue at the base of the neck. This has been my saving grace and I pray that as with everything else you told me that day, you were right about that too.

Sorry for the long email but I felt compelled to thank you.

client chose to remain anonymous

From Phil:

Wow I am stunned Amy Lou Taylor! I find it difficult to even write. However, I have to let folks know as this is something that may help others. Amy Lou Taylor gave me a tea leaf reading about a year ago. Not a big fan of these types of things as I do believe there are lots of folks out that see people as suckers and tell them things they want to hear.

Let me be very clear. Good or bad Amy tells you what she reads, that’s all. She does not embellish your reading. Long before I had my reading I got to know Amy. I believe in her integrity and honesty and of course my daughters and wife loved her so I thought what the heck, I will give it a whirl.

No, I was not promised diamonds and the right lotto numbers. I was however told some things Amy could have never known and I had forgotten about years ago. She also told me of a very valuable find that we were to come across in our home and that I was going to be very happy.

I won’t leave you hanging and it was not a million dollars, or I would share it with all 🙂 Nope, it was far more valuable than that. My daughter and wife came across two bankers boxes of pictures and letters that my mother had kept. Mom and I were very close and when mom passed, my wife received these items from my brother and put them away without my knowledge. She knew I could not handle it at the time.

Well now I have letters from my Grandmother who passed when I was six months old, birthday cards from my father who passed when I was 7. A family tree book from my mothers side (dad’s side would be a whole different ball game….) going back to the 1400’s, WOW I had relatives who lived in Sherwood Forest, bawhahahaha no wonder I’m a nerd! Oh yeah and another who was 64th in line for the throne of England! OMG are you kidding me. Come on now I would have made a great Prince! I could have been the voice of the common folk!!!! Hey, now you know why I have been into these RPG’s since the 70’s and why I can’t stop playing, it’s in my blood! The whole family is a bunch of nerds and and least one could have been the Queen of England. That’s whacked for sure!

In addition, there are 1000’s of picture’s from the chemist in England! For those who don’t know, and I was one of them, the chemist is the person who developed photos 60 and 70 years ago. I am 53, so I had no clue.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go for another reading it’s been a year now and far too long. Whether you believe in this stuff or not. Amy Lou Taylor is the real deal and you may not become a millionaire in some respects but you may find out things that money will NEVER be able to buy.

Thank you very much to all!

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to extend a sincere and huge THANK YOU for volunteering your time at our event last Friday. Everyone who received a reading from you was very happy – including myself. I know you gave me and my co-worker information from our loved ones that really helped us out and made our night! What a gift. Again, your time and caring were appreciated. It was a pleasure to meet you.



Its so awesome to hear all the great feedback from my friends you have done readings for in the past few weeks. I know that you always read me spot on but to hear everyone saying the same positive sentiments make me proud that I can refer you to my friends and family alike. You do amazing work!!! All the best for 2015! Thank you so much for all you do.


Amy’s readings were such a lovely part of our Garden party! Our guests absolutely loved the experience. She is exceptionally polished and professional while keeping a great sense of tradition. Our guests felt that she was accurate, with a great sense of humour and comfortable demeanor! Thank you Amy for being such a great addition!

Rebecca Llewellyn, Appleby College

From Corrie:
Hi Amy
I just wanted to let you know how things have been going since our reading. I have never had a tea reading before and was both curious and reserved about what was going to happen and what you would tell me. At the time of the reading I was going through a lot of changes in my life.
I was very nervous about what you were going to tell me because I wasn’t sure if I was on the right path or not. After meeting with you, I have to say it was the best nights sleep I had had in months. You helped give me the inner peace I was looking for and needed to be able to follow through with my decisions.
I would like to thank you for giving me back my inner strength and hope. Somewhere along the way I lost it and just knowing that I was on the right path has helped restore faith in my decisions.
I hope all is well with you and I look forward to meeting up with you again in the future.
Again thank you for everything.
Feb 19, 2014

A big thank you to all of you who participated in our Valentine’s Live – Music Event on February 12th featuring Danny Ang! So much fun was had by all and our gratitude goes out to our sponsors:
– Amica at Erin Mills for catering the wonderful snacks and goodies
– First Class Home Care Inc. for providing us with Amy Taylor, Tea Leaf reader from The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy
– Sarah Jensen from Right at Home, and Karen Buchanan from Solutions 2 Organize U for their donations towards the centre.

And to those who so generously volunteered – your assistance and contributions were so greatly valued and appreciated. TOGETHER we made this event happen!

yours in community spirit,
Diana Ingram
Community Engagement Coordinator
SquareOne Older Adult Centre – Mississauga West

From the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice:
“A huge thank you to the wonderful volunteers who came out to and organized Hospice participation in the Winona Peach Festival – most especially Liz Laing, Don Mansell and Pam Lyn. The generosity shown by Beyond the Batter, Amy Taylor of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy, G.T. French, Costco, Kathy Taylor of Taylor-Made Memories and Phil Groves Sewer 911 was astounding. More than $3,000 was raised for Hospice that weekend through the sales of tea, coffee, tea leaf readings and the incredible cupcakes donated by Beyond the Batter.”
Hi Amy,

I Wanted to thank you sooooo much for making a very special day for myself and daughters an even more special, memorable and soulful day. It’s very difficult to put into words how deeply and positively you touched us all. A bond has been created that will never fade. You touched our hearts and souls. You have a gift and I feel very privileged that you shared it with me and the girls.

When you told me you sensed someone in our family was a healer I believe you are the ultimate healer! Because your gift is not learned it’s a blessing for a small number of angels. Your our angel and thank you for becoming a part of our lives. I wish you everything positive and good in your life! I feel you have many more souls to help.
With great love and respect,


David Hulley, Director of Customer Experience, Vineland Estates Winery:

“Amy Taylor just shone in our barrel cellars as she did readings for some of our best clients. Amy and her talents were a feature of a Women’s Gourmet and Shopping Evening at Vineland Estates Winery. Everyone loved working with Amy and I can say that her readings were a highlight for many. We found Amy to be very creative, flexible and the consummate professional; we look forward to having her back at the winery time and time again.
Dale Burgoyne:
“I was excited, yet a little hesitant, before meeting Amy. Within minutes, she was amazing me with her skills as a tea leaf reader. She was correct about everything in my past and also wonderful to talk with. I plan on having a “tea party” at my home soon so my friends can share in her talents as well.”
Bella the Cat
“ Hi Amy, I wanted to show you how dead on you were. You told me (un-prompted) that one of my ‘pets went deaf’ in one ear. I am attaching a picture to show you how ACCURATE you were. Hope to see you again. Have a great day. In the pic, you can clearly see that my cat has completely occluded her one ear, it would be doubtful that she can hear out of it, or at the very least, she has very minimal hearing. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST! ”

Just wanted to say thank you Amy, M. and I really enjoyed our readings on the weekend, and we really appreciate that you took time out of your day off to see us! (and please say hi to Sunny Boy for me – my cat was QUITE surprised when I got home with a new scent on me!) I’m sure we’ll see you again!
Patricia Yackison
Whitby Public Library:
Thank you very much for travelling here and presenting your World of Tea workshop. We all learned so much and I found out that I really love Oolong. One of our staff members, who attended, went to Chinatown the very next day to do some shopping!
J.Patrick on her Tea Leaf Reading Party:
Hi Amy! Thanks so much again for coming. Everyone had a great time 🙂 There’s already talk of doing it again in 6 months! Thank you and speak soon 🙂

From Stephanie:
Hi Amy,

I saw you yesterday and wanted to send you a thank you again. I needed to hear what you told me and appreciate the straight foward way you present. I will most certainly be seeing you again and have recommended you to a few friends.

Many thanks and take care.

S. Gordon:
“Just wanted you to know that some of the girls are still talking about the readings you did for us at our meeting! Something you told me was clarified about 3 weeks ago… it didn’t make sense when you first told me because I was thinking of the wrong person, but a phone call brought some news which made it all clear! Great job!” ~
Lisa C.:
“WOW!!!!!!! you are so special and unique…beautifully gifted and now INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN!!!! glad to know you!!!!”