The Broom Maker’s mark

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The makers mark I designed, and use on my brooms reflects my connections to these two mighty plants.

It represents my love of tea with the silhouette of the the tea leaves, the moon my connection with the lunar tides and my spirituality and the rays that are emanating outwards for continuous creative connection with the divine.

Every tea or tisane that I blend is part of a magickal process for me. Whether it is a magickally specific blend or not, there is always magick and energy used in my process. It is the same with my brooms, hand brooms and whisks.

It is the same with my brooms, hand brooms and whisks. They are all connected to lunar cycles, and to a spiritual process. 

Every broom(as well as every tea blend), is created in several steps, each step creating another layer of energy and magick that goes into each piece. Each whisk or broom I create and bring to life, will have this symbol somewhere located on it to keep the energy of its creation flowing, and to help those who purchase these magickal, useful and practical items to create their own flow within themselves and their own spiritual  and mundane practices.

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