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Local and External TEAvents for the first half of 2020

Introduction to Tasseomancy
Online course!

Virtual Tasseomancy Course

Friday May 22, 7:00 to 8:30pm
Event via Zoom, online.

Tea is steeped in superstition, and reading fortunes with it hearkens back to days of the old divinatory art forms of the Shamans; interpreting symbols and formations made by random objects. Tasseomancy is the Art and Practice of divination by the interpretation of symbolic patterns made by tea leaves in a teacup. Join Amy as she talks about how this form of divination came to be the Art it is today. She will cover its rich history and origins, the tools used and the forms it is done in. An interactive, online presentation and fun presentation for people of all ages.

This is a Pay What You Can presentation, so when you register you can choose how much you would like to pay via the PWYC button.

The program will be aired live via Zoom. Once you have registered, you will recieve the log in details via your email the afternoon of the event.
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Private Readings Weekly at the Mystic Tearoom

Tea Leaf Readings/Lenormand Tea Card readings.
Pre-booking required through Amy.

Amy offers readings out of her private Tearoom in East Hamilton for individuals and small groups, on Wednesdays through Saturdays .
Appointments are booked in the afternoons. Later appointments are booked for 6:00 or 7:00pm on Thursday or Fridays only.

Book a reading through this link!
Contact Amy:
text 905-865-2711

116 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, ON
Reading length - about 30 minutes or more...
For more information on tea leaf and Lenormand tea card readings, visit the Tea Leaf Readings Page.