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Amy Taylor is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy (TAoTaT), a business with a focus on all things tea, including tea leaf reading. She opened TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom in 2017 as a place where you can connect with experienced readers in many types if divinatory arts including; tarot, astrology, runes, Dilogun, palmistry, mediumship and of course, tasseomancy.

The Diviners and Practitioners in TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom would be able to aid you positively along your path in life, because TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom is all about You. It is a place where Body, Mind and Spirit meet over a ‘cuppa’ tea. It is a place where you can feel safe, help to heal, to grow and to feel better.

TAoTaT and TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom, are places of inclusiveness. We do not discriminate against anyone. This means that no matter what your race, religion, sexual orientation or gender choice, we are a safe place where you can be comfortable without any fear of being bullied or being condemned for your life choices. You can also expect all our practitioners to be keep your readings and any personal information 100% confidential. Our practitioners will not project their own personal agenda onto others and are here to aid you along your path and journey to personal success, and not to hinder it in any way shape or form.

Amy and the practitioners of TAoTaT and Mystic Tearoom will also be presenting fun and interactive workshops monthly and bimonthly. Be sure to see the events listings posted here and our website. As well, part of TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom's initiatives, there will be Wine and Divine events once or twice a year. It is a way where you can try out a mini reading session. A great way to test the waters per-say.

The Mystic Tearoom is located at 1367 Main Street East on the North side of the street in Hamilton, Ontario Canada between Huxley and Tuxedo Sts. The closest intersection is Main St E and Kenilworth Ave. There is an inexpensive, Green P lot at the corner of Tuxedo and Main, .50 cents per hour.

All appointments with Diviners at the Mystic Tearoom are pre-booked with the Diviner of your choice. We seldom allow for walk ins.

Upcoming events at the Tea Room  Feb - March 2018

Valentine’s Spa Bath Kit
Friday, February 9 at 7 PM - 9 PM

We are thrilled to have Kimi Bois back from Gypsy Scents to teach us a fun workshop creating some SCENTsational Valentine’s themed Bath products!!

This workshop is open to everyone where we will be making our own Romantic Bath Spa Kit!

Get the details of how scent can play into your romantic life from a trained and practicing Aromatherapist. This workshop if going to be a lot of FUN and YES there will be CHOCOLATE!!

Create a kit you can share with a loved one, or enjoy on your own! Together we will be making a selection of products that are great to use in the bath. These include bath salts, a sugar based scrub (with options to be edible), a massage oil (with options to be edible) as well as a bath oil for soft and supple skin.

A collection of essential and flavour oils will be available to add scent and flavour to your creations, as well information on safety and how to enjoy most effectively.

Investment: $45
Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required. You can do so by emailing info@taotat.ca or texting 905-865-2711 or calling 289-396-0158 or messaging Amy through Messenger.

Come and learn all this SCENTsational information from trained and practicing Aromatherapist Kimi Bois. Kimi is a practising aromatherapist with almost 20 years of experience, as well as having a background in research. She uses the information she gathers to educate, inform and manufacture products.

Tasseomancy! A Six Week Series of Learning Tea Leaf Reading!
Begins Friday, February 16 at 7 PM

Fridays February 16th until Friday March 23rd, 7 – 9:30pm,

Learn the Art of Tasseomancy: a Six Week Series

Tea is steeped in superstition, and reading fortunes with it hearkens back to days of the old divinatory art forms of the Shamans; interpreting symbols and formations made by random objects.

Tasseomancy is the Art and Practice of divination by the interpretation of symbolic patterns made by tea leaves in a teacup. Join Amy Taylor (Owner of TaoTaT’s Mystic Tearoom) as she talks about how this form of divination came to be the Art it is today.

She will cover its rich history and origins, the tools used and the forms it is done in. Learn the history of tea, tea reading and what teas are best for readings. Discover the nuances of teapots, teacups & saucers and their significance in the Tasseomancers process.

Learn how to brew a proper cup of tea for a reading and how to set the mood for the inquirer. Learn more about the techniques involved; how the diviner is able to look at the pattern of tea leaves in the cup and allow their imagination to piece together the story suggested by the shapes.

This workshop is for those who have a keen interest in knowing the more intricate details of this ancient method of psychic reading while also learning some centering/grounding techniques in relation to the art.

Students will receive a full set of notes, some supplies and a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. Space is limited to 10 people and will need a minimum of 6 to run.

Investment: (pre-registration required)$160. To register, please text Amy at 905-865-2711, or email info@taotat.ca or call 289-396-0158. Downpayment of $50 is required prior to program by Friday February 9th.

The Joy of Stabbing: Needle Felting for Beginners.
Saturday, March 3 at 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Ah the joy of stabbing! I think it was about 7 or 8 years ago that I learned how to needle felt with a single needle. I enjoy it so much that it became a real obsession for me for a while, a kind of stress reliever. How could you not be releasing stress when you are stabbing something!

"Needle felting" is a term for using one or more felting needles by hand to create flat felt or felt sculpture with wool roving (what wool is before it gets spun into yarn). Once you learn some basic techniques, needle felting is really quite easy! Needle felting is a form of soft sculpture that is fast and gratifying.

So, in this class I will teach you some history of felting, different ways to felt and the basics of needle felting. You will then be making your own needle fleted acorn (much like the photo above) complete with a real acorn cap and some ribbon to hang it from! And don’t you think and acorn is perfect for celebrating the light half of the year?! I do!

Not only will you make your own acorn, you will have time to make another small felting project to be determined on the day of the course.

You will also take home your very own supplies (2 needles, instructions, foam and some wool roving) to continue felting on your own time!

Investment: $40
Space is limited to 8 people and the last event sold out quickly so pre-registering for this will be required. You can do so by emailing info@taotat.ca or texting 905-865-2711 or calling 289-396-0158 or messaging Amy through Messenger.

NEW DATES FOR 2018: Women and Spirituality Film Series!
Thursday, March 8 at 7 PM - 9 PM

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE, we will now be running this series of films in MARCH 2018 for International Women’s Day and Month! The first movie will be on Thursday March 8th, 2018 - International Women’s Day.

Women and Spirituality Movie Nights

Please join Amy Taylor, Owner of TAoTaT’s Mystic TearoomPlease join Amy Taylor, owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy and TAoTaT's Mystic Tearoom, in watching the classic film series produced by Donna Read.

The series is called Women and Spirituality and consists of three impactful movies about woman’s role in Spirituality over the centuries.

Even though this series was made many years ago in the late 80s it is still very much a valid representation of woman’s spiritual role today. Women and Spirituality is Donna Read's definitive series that explores the power of the sacred feminine in mythological, historical and cultural contexts. This trilogy investigates the relationship between women and spirituality from ancient times to the present.

On Thursday March 8th, 2018
We will be gathering at 7:00pm and we will have a short discussion about the movie, then we will settle in and watch the first movie in the series called the Goddess Remembered - Part 1 - This poetic documentary is a salute to 35 000 years of "pre-history,"; to the values of ancestors only recently remembered, and to the goddess-worshipping religions of the ancient past.

On Thursday March 15th, 2018
We will be gathering at 7:00pm and we will have a short discussion about the movie, then we will settle in and watch the first movie in the series called the Burning Times - Part 2 - This beautifully crafted film is an in-depth look at the witch-hunts that swept through Europe just a few hundred years ago. False accusations and trials led to massive torture and burnings at the stake, and ultimately to the destruction of an organic way of life. The film advances the theory that widespread violence against women and the neglect of our environment today can be traced back to those times.

On Thursday March 22nd, 2018
We will be gathering at 7:00pm and we will have a short discussion about the movie, then we will settle in and watch the first movie in the series called Full Circle - Part 3 - In this stirring documentary, authors, teachers, social activists and feminists explore manifestations of contemporary women’s spirituality in the Western world. Drawing on the customs, rites and knowledge of the past, Full Circle envisions a sustainable future where domination is replaced with respect. At the centre of these discussions is a reverence for the Earth, a sacred circle which we must protect.

We will have some popcorn and light refreshments available for all.

The event is a Pay What You Can with a suggested minimum donation of $5 per person. Proceeds from the evening will be brought to Womens Centre of Hamilton (a part of Interval House Hamilton) https://intervalhousehamilton.org/womenscentre

Space is limited to 12 people so pre-registering for this evening will be required. You can do so by emailing info@taotat.ca or texting 905-865-2711 or messaging Amy through Messenger.

Tarot for Everyone! An Afternoon Intensive with Andrew from THL!
Saturday, March 10 at 12 PM - 4 PM

Tarot for Everyone!

Learning tarot should be fun and enjoyable! Everybody has the innate ability to learn what the cards mean and how to put those meanings together into a reading for others.

In fact with the rise of visual literacy, through social media, it has never been easier. In this class we’ll focus on getting you reading. Not some day in the future but in the actual class itself.

We will cover:
What the cards mean.
How to ask useful questions.
What’s real and what is superstition around tarot.
A spread you can use to answer any questions or give general reading.
How to build you own spreads to customize your readings.

This class is focused on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. Booklet of meanings included for future reference.

Bring your tarot deck with you and a notebook. Andrew sells many decks through his shop, and can bring a couple basic Rider Waite decks with him. If you want a deck please feel free to get in touch about ordering one via email at andrew@thehermitslamp.com

Investment: $75
Space is limited to 10 people so preregistration is required. You can do so through contacting Amy via text at 905-865-2711 or email info@taotat.ca or by calling 289-396-0158

About Andrew:
Andrew has been reading the tarot for over 30 years. His teaching has taken him all over, most recently to China. He is the author of several books and the creator of two decks – with a 3rd coming out later in 2018. Andrew has been running his store, The Hermit’s Lamp, in Toronto for the last 5 years. His approach to reading is grounded in humour, compassion, psychology, magick, and honesty. For the last 4 years he has been running his acclaimed Hermit’s Lamp Podcast exploring what it means to live a spiritual life with many guest. Visit his website at www.thehermitslamp.com

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The Mystic Tearoom

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Some of our Diviners:

Paul Ge

Omlosha/Santero, Medium, Palero, Spiritist specializing in Dilogun sessions. Paul comes to the Mystic Tearoom with over 20 years experience and takes bookings with clients on Tuesdays. To book in with Paul, connect with him via www.obskurah.com or via email at obskurah.entertainment@gmail.com

Scott W

Scott comes with 14 years experience and is also a paranormal investigator, his specialty is Mediumship and Clairvoyance, he is a very talented psychic. Scott will be available for readings on some Weekend days and as time goes on, during the week. To book and appointment with him, find out his rates and see more about Scott, please visit his website at www.readingsbyscott.com.

Alison K

Alison is one of the most talented Angel Card readers and Spiritual Mediums I have met. She is also a Reiki Master. She brings over 15 years experience to the Mystic Tearoom. To book and appointment with Alison, learn more about her and to see her rates, please visit her website:

We also have a few times a year some other amazing Diviners who travel from out of town to not only provide readings for our clientele, but also teach some amazing workshops on esoteric subjects such as Palmistry, Astrology, White Table Spiritism and many more. Stay up to date by visiting here, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.