Tea Tarot
Amy Taylor

If you want to host a Private Tea Reading Party or hire me for an event, I am now booking Private Tea Reading Parties and events for 2018.

Are you looking for a private Tea Leaf Reading? I read Tea Leaves by appointment on Wednesday and Fridays and some Weekends in the afternoons/early evenings out of my private tea room in Lower East Hamilton.

You can also see on my FaceBook page, my Twitter and my Instagram accounts future announcements of events and workshops coming up over the next number of weeks and over the rest of the year as well!

Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope to see you in the leaves soon!

TEAlightful Blessings, and have a TEArrific Day!

Amy Taylor
Tea Sommelier, Tea Leaf Reader, Tea Program Facilitator
The Art of Tea and Tasseomancyand Mystic Tearoom 


Countless lives have been enriched by it - and more than a few sacrificed for it. As one of a handful of plants that have shaped the world, tea has been endlessly adapted and reinvented across cultures and centuries.

Fresh, yet timeless, tea is both the flavour of the moment, and the taste of the past. Join me as I take my uniquely different tea party style and my fun interactive programs about tea and tea leaf reading to the public. In doing so we will embark on an adventure about tea and its amazing historical and healthful story.

Won’t you join me for a delightful, tea-lightful, insightful cuppa tea?

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